Colombia Nariño

Colombia Nariño

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This coffee from small family farms in the Nariño region of Colombia benefits from high altitude and volcanic soil. Anaerobic fermentation is a unique process in which the coffee is left in a sealed tank for twenty-four hours similar to how beer is fermented but not to the extent of converting sugars to alcohol. This process helps kickstart the breakdown of the fruit before it is stripped from the coffee and dried in solar greenhouses on raised beds. The high elevation and consistent light exposure due to the proximity to the equator help the coffee mature slowly. 
We are excited to continue our exploration of new processing methods like anaerobic fermentation. 
This coffee is well balanced with notes of dried strawberry, dark chocolate, and cinnamon oats. Our perception on this anaerobic process is that it does not add a unique quality but rather smooths the acidity and finish when compared to similar coffee. 

Farm: Family farms from Medina Espejo village

Region: Medina Espejo village, Nariño

Altitude: 1900-2100 masl

Variety: Castillo

Process: Fully Washed Anaerobic Fermentation