Sumatra Kopi Alam Kerinci

Sumatra Kopi Alam Kerinci

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Our exploration of coffee from Sumatra has been an exciting one the last couple of rounds and we are exited to bring you this Kopi Alam Kerinci from western Sumatra. The co-op is located near Mt Kerinci which is the highest volcano in Indonesia at an elevation of 3805 masl (12,483ft). The coffee is grown in the surrounding area at elevations ranging form 1300-1650 masl. The coffee is welt hulled meaning the parchment is removed before the drying phase of the coffee is complete. This process gives it the traditional Sumatran profile. The Kopi Alam coop is dedicated to preserving the land for the wild Sumatran tiger and offers coffee to hikers in exchange for picking up trash along the hiking trails. 

Notes of Cherry, Molasses, and Cola highlight this coffee's cupping profile. 

Grower: Farmers surrounding Cooperative Kopi Alam Kerinci 

Variety: Catimor, Gayo, S Lini 795

Region: Kerinci Regency 

Altitude: 100-1650 MASL

Soil: Volcanic Loam 

Process: Wet hulled and dried on patio