Ethiopia Dimtu Guji - Washed

Ethiopia Dimtu Guji - Washed

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Ethiopia Dimtu washed Guji is a departure from other washed Yirgacheffe Ethiopia we have offered in the past. This exciting new coffee boasts notes of apple, stone fruit, and champagne. You will find bright fruit notes on the front end and a pleasing round body on the finish. Unlike some washed Ethiopias with a thin delicate body, we find this coffee finishes strong and leaves us wanting more. It's a mashup of everything we love about coffee from this region.

The Dimtu washing station has focused on quality processing since 2007. The attention to quality ripe cherry, sorting, and processing have produced high quality coffee farmed in the high altitude slopes of the Guji regions micro climate. This organic (AH is not certified organic, don't sue me bro) washed coffee is a must try for Ethiopia coffee lovers.

Grower: Hundreds of small farms working with Dimtu Washing station. 

Variety: JARC varieties 

Region: Tero & Mancity Shakiso 

Altitude1,800-2,200 MASL

Process: Fully washed and dried on raised beds