Nicaragua La Esmeralda - Natural

Nicaragua La Esmeralda - Natural

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A natural Nicaraguan coffee you won't soon forget. If there is one thing to know about Anchorhead coffee, it's that we love natural processed coffee. Not everyone is a fan but thats probably because they aren't enjoying the sweet and high quality fruit bean we are able to find. Sidestepping the traditional washed coffee processing of central america, this coffee is enhanced with its natural drying process where the fruit is left on the bean for several weeks until desired moisture content is achieved. 

This coffee is part of the LIFT and Red Cherry program headed by the folks at Mercon coffee. With around 150 producers growing on an average of 5 hectare parcels, this  group effort delivers on unique flavors. Notes of golden raisin, custard, and molasses are sure to take you on a trip to flavor town. (don't sue us Guy)

Grower: Small holder LIFT producers

Variety: Caturra, Catuai, Sarchimor

Region: La Esmeralda, Matagalpa

Altitude: 1250+ MASL

Process: Natural