Sumatra Takengon KPGLA Gayo

Sumatra Takengon KPGLA Gayo

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Sumatra! This is the one you've been looking for! One might even describe this as rich and rare for a Sumatra coffee. The Tekengon KPGLA Gayo was so good that we reserved more than enough of this exceptional coffee to share with anyone who fancies a clean Sumatra profile. This coffee boasts a heavy body and sweet flavor.

Notes of Cherry, Caramelized Sugar, and Custard

Grower: Smallholder farmers organized around Koperasi Pertanian Gayo Lauser Antara (KPGLA)

Variety: Tim-tim and Catimore

Region: Jagong Jeget disctrict, Aceh Province, Sumatra, Indonesia.

Altitude: 1250-1500 MASL

Soil: Volcanic Loam 

Process: Wet hulled and dried on patio

Certified Fair Trade and Organic